Interschool jumping team seen with the team manager Libby Rayner

All girls went clear in their first round set at 90cm and were called back for a jump off.
Georgia Allison (Darfield High School) had an unlucky rail with a good time.
Lilly Carpenter (Nga Tawa) had a good steady clear to build her horse, George’s confidence after his first experience in the indoor!
Ella Rutherford (Westlake Girls High School) had a good clear on her huge horse!
Olivia Prendergast (Matamata College) was bold and tried a daring line that was outstanding but didn’t quite pay off with 2 down she had a great finish though and will be extremely competitive in the next rounds!


An update from the team’s second round

Georgia Allison aboard Malbec Monstar


Georgia and Malbec Monstar took 4th in the 1m A2 with a clear round!

Lilly Carpenter’s George is getting braver and braver and had 1 unlucky rail.
Ella Rutherford’s Ricky got keen and found the go button! With a speedy 2 down.
Olivia Prendergast’s Ally pulled off some unbelievable turns but unfortunately had two close together down.
The girls are all riding brilliantly, we learn more about the horses with each round and are excited for tomorrow’s rounds now.
Congratulations girls! Keep up the good work.