Are you a current non-competing member?

The ESNZ Board would like to advise that an anomaly has been detected in the way non-competing members have been defined in the constitution with regard to voting rights in our election for ESNZ president and vice president. We know that non-competing members are our volunteers, board members, officials and interested parties and form an enormous part of the back bone of equestrian sport.

In order to ensure non-competing members are fully eligible to vote in the election of the ESNZ president and non-president, we have identified we need to change the classification of non-competing members. As of the 6th September all non-competing members will be known as “full members – non-competing” from this point forwards.  Nothing else changes with your membership – only the classification name.

The above change is being made in time for the 2019 postal election process to make it clear that members in the non-competing category come within the definition of voting members in the ESNZ Constitution, and do have the right to vote.  This will ensure that our practice, over a number of years, of allowing our very much valued non-competitors, to vote is now consistent with the Constitution.

What do you need to do?

  • Nothing, ESNZ will automatically update your category of membership to full member – non-competing status.
  • There is no additional membership fee required.
  • As a non-competitor you still do not have the right to compete.
  • The right to vote (over 18) at national and area level as per ESNZ Constitution will now be included as a benefit of your membership.

Voting will soon be opened for the election of ESNZ President for 2019-2020 in which the following membership categories will be eligible to vote:

  • Honorary Life Members aged 18 or over
  • Life Members aged 18 or over
  • Full members aged 18 or over
  • Full members – non-competing aged 18 and over (previously called non-competing member)
  • Affiliated organisations and member organisations subject to whether voting rights are conferred or not in the agreement between the organisation and ESNZ

Current members who fall under any of the above membership categories will shortly receive an email which will contain a link to cast their vote.