Brooke Edgecombe and LT Holst Andrea have picked up the new season right where they left off the last . . . at the front of the pack. The Waipukurau combo today won the Equissage Horse Grand Prix at the Pukahu and Districts Show, heading home a competitive 11-strong field. Three came back to jump-off over the Chris Rogers-designed course and first out, Brooke wanted to put the pressure on Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) aboard Mandalay Cove and young gun Emma Watson (Morrinsville) on Maddox Letino.

She did just that, stopping the clock at 42.43 seconds, with Maurice right on her heels in 42.95 and Emma a snip behind on 43.2. All three were double clear. “I came out of the (jump-off) ring knowing it was as fast as we could have been,” said Brooke. “She tries really hard every time – there’s not much more you can ask for.”

Brooke and Andrea had a stellar 2018-2019 season, winning the World Cup final, placing third in the series, fourth in the Olympic Cup, winning the leading mare prize, second in the grand prix series and third in the premier series.

“I wanted us to pick up this season where we left off at the end of the last,” says Brooke.

While this was their first outing, they had gone well at ESNZ squad training a few weekends back and Brooke said she felt the mare was on track for the grand prix today.

Andrea hasn’t had a winter holiday. Straight after series finals she headed to EquiBreed where they removed an embryo (by Kannan) and froze it. It will be put into a surrogate mare in November.

She then came straight back to the farm where Brooke has kept her ticking over with farm rides, track work and arena training. “I like to vary it for her,” she says of the 11-year-old mare. Their main focus for the season is the World Cup Series.

In the Country TV Pony Grand Prix, six of the seven starters came back for the jump-off where double clears were the order of the day for the top four. Lucy Buchanan (Havelock North) and Redcliffs Colour Me Quick took the honours in 39.74 seconds with Dylan Bibby (Waipukurau) and Daisy Patch in second in 40.83 seconds.


Results –


Jumping, Equissage Horse Grand Prix: Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 1, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Mandalay Cove 2, Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Maddox Letino 3, Julie Davey (Hastings) Joligne de Carmel 4, Duncan McFarlane (Taupo) Be Mine NZPH 5, Daniel Webb (Hunterville) Centaur 6.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Lucy Buchanan (Havelock North) Redcliffs Colour Me Quick 1, Dylan Bibby (Waipukurau) Daisy Patch 2, Tara Gowler (Ohura) Ngahiwi Roany Pony 3, Isabella Narracci (Hastings) Te Urewera Magic 4, Crystal Hackett (Waiuku) The Dreamer 5, Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Tony the Pony 6.


FMG Young Rider Series: Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Maddox Letino 1, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Letano 2, Sarah West (Matamata) Oaks Centurian 3, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Idol D 4, Drew Carson (Putaruru) Winston V Driene 5, Emelia Forsyth (Clevedon) Henton Faberge 6.


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series: Emily Kozlowski (Carterton) Double J Wilma 1, Kaleigh Kent (Otane ) Double J Sponge Bob Square Pants 2, Jo Bell (Taupo) Mauve 3, Simone McConnell (Tauranga) Country Zena 4, Tasha Brown ( Hastings) Kiwi Cheroline 5, Christen Lane (Hawke’s Bay) Henton Amanda 6.


Equifibre Junior Rider Series: Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) George Jetson 1, Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Bandito NZPH 2, Dylan Bibby (Waipukurau) Wenrose Vertigo 3, Tara Gower (Ohura) Ngahiwi Ned Kelly 5, Isabella Narracci (Hastings) Silver Casini 6.


Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series: Alex Loiselle (Ocean Beach) Haupouri Da Vinci 1, Daniel Webb (Hunterville) Constellation 2, Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Double J Kelvin 3, Hana Bognuda (Marton) Dangermouse NZPH 4, Ashley Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Centrokee 5, Sally Clark (Dannevirke) Sun Flake 6.


ESNZ Six-Year-Old Series: Kate Herdson (Auckland) Beau Balou 1.


East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Ally Stevenson (Hastings) Fashion NZPH, Julie Davey (Hastings) LT Holst Freda and John Maclennan (Waipukurau ) Tolley =1.


Show Hunter, Gyro Plastics Junior High Points HOYQ 1m: Annie Moffett (Napier) Kiwi Dula 1, Greta Averill (Hastings) Classic Roulette 2, Tayla Nicholson (Taupo) Drifter Into The Night 3, Molly Pike (Cambridge) Zabu 4, Hazel Jones (Porirua) Sancho 5, Libby Charlton (Hastings) Te Be Franc 6.


The Ultimate Egg Co Amateur High Points HOYQ 1m: June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 1, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Gummi Bear 2, Jenny Randall (Gisborne) Nero Bello 3, Katherine Foley (Waipukurau) It’s Holly 4, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Marua 5, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Graceland 6.


The Petticoat Lane Performance Horses Adult Rider: Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoe Shine Polish 1, June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 2, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Gummi Bear 3, Claudia Odlin (Te Kuiti) Rei Huia Arnie 4, Kate White (Palmerston North) Hootchie Mama 5


Burger King Junior Rider Equitation Series 1m: Hazel Jones (Porirua) Sancho 1.


NRM HOYQ Horse High Points 1.1m: Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoe Shine Polish 1, June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 2.


Cartown Cat A HOYQ High Points Pony 70cm: Isobel Jayne Bevitt (Gisborne) Buffalo Man 1, Zoe Atkins (Kinloch) Vanese Jazzup 2, Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Skibbereen Oasis 3, Sam Brooks (Gisborne) Goldenwillow Romeo 4.


Grassyards Farm Cat B HOYQ High Points 80cm: Hollie Falloon (Masterton) Farleigh Catterick 1, Savannah Lynn (Levin) Indianna Jive 2, Louise McNelly (Masterton) Shanghigh Vixen 3, Libby Wilson (Taupo) Waimeha Tayza 4, Rylee Hill (Napier) Little Miss Gilly Pop 5, Ella Rouse (Gisborne) Ruby Tunes 6.


Suregrip Mats Pony Rider Equitation Series 80cm: Kaitlin Brown (Wairoa) Tawa 1, Riley Chase (Palmerston North) Candika of Silvertrees 2, Sarah Matheson (Waipukurau) Velvet 3, Julia Leusink (Taupo) LSL Brookleigh Vermont Beauty 4, Hannah von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 5, Anna Devescovi (Havelock North) Winged Foot 6.


Aniwell Cat C HOYQ High Points 90cm: Kaitlin Brown (Wairoa) Tawa 1, Riley Chase (Palmerston North) Candika of Silvertrees 2, Madison Fitness (Hastings) Damarlie 3, Zara von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 4, Anna Devescovi (Havelock North) Winged Foot 5, Julia Leusink (Taupo) LSL Brookleigh Vermont Beauty 6.