Richard & Rachel Gradowski-Smith  from Heritage Equine are  delighted to continue their support this season as the Dressage NZ Elementary Super 5  League Sponsor.  As a dressage family they have a heartfelt interest in the sport and desire to support dressage within NZ. Follow the link to their website to view their wide range of products 

Heritage Equine has 3 legs to it business. Heritage Saddles offer a number of quality brands  including Bliss of London, Loxley by Bliss, Bates, Fairfax and Kent and Masters in order to find the optimum fit for horse and rider giving maximum performance. Another division covers the Horse Trucks built in the UK by our partners, we can offer bespoke NZ compliant builds tailored to your requirements. Finally the stabling solutions offered by Monarch Equestrian UK provide our customers with exceptional stables completely bespoke to meet individual needs.