“The AeroChill rug and boots are a fab bit of kit and is so easy to use. It is perfect for those hot days when you really need to cool your horse after XC. Just pop them on after you’ve washed them off and it will bring their temperature down, helping muscle recovery and improving performance.” Testimonial from Team Great Britain’s Event Rider Gemma Tattersall

Once in a while, along comes something which makes a huge difference to you as a rider and your horse. Right now, the buzz is all about AeroChill Cooling rugs and boots, which work by using evaporative cooling to aid recovery time and maximise performance by cooling your horse and helping muscle recovery.

And now they’re available in New Zealand through Highbrook Clothing!

No longer do you have to think about gels, batteries, fridges or ice, the only thing you need to remember is your AeroChill rug and boots. There is always water available, which is all you need for this BETA award-winning, revolutionary cooling system. They are also super lightweight so you can throw the boots in your grooming box and feel absolutely no difference in the total weight.

The rug is designed to help alleviate heat exhaustion and can be used pre-competition to keep your horse cool to help gain maximum performance. It can also be used post-competition to improve with recovery. AeroChill boots and rugs use a non-toxic super absorbent polymer fibre fabric which works by pulling heat from the horse, evaporating off the outside of the rug or boot and improving blood circulation. It is great to use when travelling horses in hot conditions. It is easy to use; simply soak in cold water for two minutes then remove excess water. It works best when combined with air flow.

There’s a school of thought that ice wraps used incorrectly or applied for too long can potentially damage the skin and underlying tissue so AeroChill products are a great way to avoid this.

Busy British yard owner and hunting enthusiast Harriet Rimmer carried out an independent test of cooler and wicking horse rugs. Of the AeroChill rug she had this to say:

“This rug was a very effective way of cooling your horse down after exercise. It is easy to use and comes with a handy waterproof cool bag to store it. I found the horses’ recovery rate was definitely faster once the rug had been applied and I saw my horses cool down much faster during very hot weather. A great rug to have if you compete regularly in hot weather.

I would definitely recommend this rug to a friend who competes during the summer months.“

And if you think it’s too good to be true, take a closer look at the independently conducted thermographic test results.