DVS Home Ventilation CCI4*-L

There’s a special reason DVS Home Ventilation have come on board as sponsors of the NZ3DE CCI4*-L class. Taupo-based company director Peter Roberts was a golf friend of the late Dave Grant and is happy to support something he was so passionate about.

“We live here in Taupo and love getting behind local events,” says Peter. “This was a good opportunity to get involved in.” It is the first time DVS Home Ventilation have stepped into the world of equestrian, but Peter says he heard plenty about it from his golf buddy Dave. “We do a lot of golf sponsorship, speedway and other charity work around the country. Too many businesses focus on taking money out of the community – that’s not something we believe in.”

Peter was one of three who started DVS Home Ventilation in 1997. He and wife Sue sold their share of the company to one of the other partners 2004 and it was then sold to Fletchers in 2008, but in 2012 Peter and fellow director Tony Sandes bought the business back. “We are a national company that is strong, so it is nice to put something back and encourage people in whatever it may be. We also help a lot of unfortunate families too.”

DVS Home Ventilation was created with New Zealand families in mind, specifically to provide healthier living environments. “We are solution focused not sales driven,” says Peter. “We need people to have a good result and a healthy living environment.”

For more information, head to www.dvs.co.nz .

Peter and Sue Roberts are huge supporters of sporting and community initiatives in Taupo and further afield.