The Equizee Pony & Young Rider Dressage Top Ten Leagues Inspire the new generation of dressage riders to improve their performance. Director of Equizee Alicia Zeludko has come through the dressage grades since her days as a Young Rider and knows how important it is to encourage this age group.

National winners are invited to the Dressage Awards Dinner on Saturday 29th June at the Sudima Hotel Auckland Airport to receive their awards. Area Awards will be distributed to Area Delegates

Conference & Awards Dinner Registration Pack. RSVP by 31st May

Check the Updated Area Awards as 28/5/19 here 

Pony – Bronze Ch Piper Crake Glenvar Bramble 85  
  Res Jesika Cunningham Tironui Casino’s Gold 82  
Pony – Silver Ch Samantha Belsham Alpine Park Watercolour 97  
  Res Emily Shepherd Rakaunui Grace N Dazzle 71  
Pony – Gold Ch Bella Small Kingslea Busy Bee 58  
  Res Meg Johnston Little Blessing 56  
Horse – Bronze Ch Olivia Goodwillie Retail Therapy 65  
  Res Savanna Robinson Sunspots Waps Datsun 59  
Horse – Silver Ch Rilee McMeekin Solitar Storm 100  
  Res Emmelena Bryce Romulus 79  
Horse – Gold Ch Sachleen Kaur HPH Levitate 72  
  Res Brooke Harris Furstango 68  
  1 Olivia Goodwillie Retail Therapy 65  
SI HI-POINTS          
  1 Emily Van Herpt Skibbereen Indigo 61  
NI HI-POINTS          
  1 Piper Crake Glenvar Bramble 85