DVS Hone Ventilation CCI4*-L National Championship leader Amanda Ross (Aus) aboard Dicavalli Diesel. Photo by Diana Dobson/The Black Balloon

New Zealand teams have the edge over the Australian visitors at the end of the dressage in the Oceania Teams’ clash at the New Zealand Three Day Event Championships in Taupo.

But it is anyone’s game in both the senior and young rider divisions with just a few points separating the teams and much to come with a challenging cross country tomorrow followed by showjumping on Sunday.

In the DVS Home Ventilation CCI4*-L NZ Black – comprising Samantha Lissington aboard Ricker Ridge Rui, Madison Crowe on Waitangi Pinterest and Amanda Pottinger on Just Kidding – have a 2.7 penalty point buffer over Australia Green – comprising Emma Mason on Warrego Marco Polo, Jade Findlay on Oaks Cordellia and Amanda Ross on Dicavelli Diesel – with Australia Gold – comprising Shane Rose on Ultimate Velocity, Sonja Johnson on Misty Isle Valentino and Emma Bishop on CP Issey Miyake – 8.7 penalty points further back and NZ Silver – comprising Abigail Long on Enzo, Renee Faulkner on Rubinstar HH and Monica Oakley aboard Acrobat – just a single point behind.

Individually, it is the Australians leading the way in the CCI4*-L with Amanda Ross (Aus) and her stunning Dicavalli Diesel at the front of the field on 28.3 penalty points, with Emma Bishop (Aus) and CP Issey Miyake .2 behind her on 28.5 and Madison Crowe aboard Waitangi Pinterest the best of the New Zealanders in third place on 30. Defending CCI4*-L national champion Amanda Pottinger and Just Kidding is in fourth on 32.8.

The chefs d’equipe for both the New Zealand and Australian senior teams were all very pleased with the efforts of their riders. Jock Paget said it was a good start to the competition by his NZ Black team but there was still a long way to go. “It is not ever a dressage competition,” he said. “The girls were all very strong and all went out and showed their ability and consistency. They have all been putting in a lot of work in training and that’s coming out in the ring. All of them are chasing the real thing, and that’s something that takes time.”

Most were on reasonably young horses and he was proud of them all. “The cross country will be a tough day but our riders are prepared for it and excited,” he said.

Australian chef d’equipe Stuart Tinney was also very pleased with his teams who he described as “good quality horses and riders”. “It is great to be here and we are looking forward to tomorrow. It is a great track – it is tough but good distances and lines.”

NZ Silver chef d’equipe Penny Castle, whose team were all on debut at senior level for New Zealand, said all had handled the pressure well. “The horses produced very consistent performances. I am super proud of them all,” she said.

Four star class leader Amanda Ross (Aus) had last competed in New Zealand 20 years ago at the same event she was today lining up in. She had plenty of praise for her stunning bred-for-dressage horse. “He is amazing,” she said. “He loves a crowd and is not the kind of horse to jeopardise his reputation – he always goes out to do his best.”

The horse had been in and out of rehab for two years, only coming back into competition in the past six months. “He’s now showjumping better than ever,” said the Sydney Olympian. “He is so generous . . . just a wonderful horse.”

In the NRM CCI3*-L New Zealand’s young riders have a 4.3 penalty point edge over the Australians with defending champion Samantha Lissington and Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ leading the 39-strong field.


Results –

DVS Home Ventilation CCI4*-L National Championship: Amanda Ross (Aus Green) Dicavalli Diesel 28.3 penalty points 1, Emma Bishop (Aus Gold) CP Issey Miyake 28.5 2, Madison Crowe (Matangi/NZ Black) Waitangi Pinterest 30 3, Amanda Pottinger (Havelock North/NZ Black) Just Kidding 32.8 4, Sonja Johnson (Aus Gold) Misty Isle Valentino 33.4 5, Emily Cammock (Christchurch) Shaw Lee 33.5 6.


Oceania Senior Teams’ Competition: NZ Black (Samantha Lissington/Ricker Ridge Rui 34.7, Madison Crowe/Waitangi Pinterest 30, Amanda Pottinger/Just Kidding 32.8) 97.5 1, Australia Green (Emma Mason/Warrego Marco Polo 34.6, Jade Findlay/Oaks Cordella 37.3, Amanda Ross/Dicavalli Diesel 28.3) 100.2 2, Australia Gold (Shane Rose/Ultimate Velocity 47, Sonja Johnson/Misty Isle Valentino 33.4, Emma Bishop/CP Issey Miyake 28.5) 108.9 3, NZ Silver (Abigail Long/Enzo 39.4, Renee Faulkner/Rubinstar HH 36.3, Monica Oakley/Acrobat 34.2) 109.9 4.


NRM CCI3*-L: Samantha Lissington (Matangi) Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ 28.7 penalty points 1, Lucy Turner (Christchurch/NZ) Astek Victor 29.6 2, Monica Oakley (Karaka) Artist 30.8 3, Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Deo Volente 31.4 4, Monica Oakley (Karaka) Man of Honour 31.6 5, Jordyn Faint (AUS) Double S & Evergreen Jackpot 32.2 6.

Young Rider Oceania Teams’ Competition: New Zealand 102.9 penalty points (Beth Wilson/Alto et Audax 36.6, Lucy Turner/Astek Victor 29.6, Vicky Browne-Cole/Cutting Edge 36.7) 1, Australia 107.2 (Jordyn Faint/Double S & Evergreen Jackpot 32.2, Tayah Andrew/Silver Force 37, Isabel McLachlan/Ventura 38) 2.

Silver Spurs Team Competition (end of dressage): South Island (Emily Cammock/Shaw Lee 33.5, Christen Lane/Thunder Cat 38.6, Clarke Johnstone/Deo Volente 31.4, Eve Hawes/Spookee Possum 32.8) 136.3 1, North Island (Matthew Grayling/NRM Trudeau 35.8, Lauren Alexander/Classic Indigo 39.4, Louise McTaggart 40.8, Jock Paget/Bing Bong 26.6) 142.6 2.

Fiber Fresh CCI2*-L Championship (end of dressage): Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Watermill Glenneagle 26.3 penalty points 1, Jock Paget (Taupo) Bing Bong 26.6 2, Lizzie Green (Hamilton) Comanche II 26.8 3, Bundy Philpott (Ohaupo) Jerry 26.9 4, Jessica Woods (Ohaupo) LV Gee Whizz 27.5 5, Amanda Pottinger (Havelock North) Good Timing 29.2 6.

Stirling Collection CCN2*-L Open (end of dressage): Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Aces High 29.2 1, Vicky Browne-Cole (Waiuku) Eli 29.9 2, Angela Lloyd (Clevedon) Lyrical 30.2 3, Jeffrey Amon (Murupara) My Silver Lining 30.4 4, Matthew Grayling (Okato) Henton Ambassador 31.7 and Chanel Griffiths (Taupo) Astek Guardsman 31.7 =5.

Wairakei Resort CCN1*-L Championship (end of dressage): Cherie Jaques (Otorohanga) Wizard 31.7 1, Danielle Wheeler (Clevedon) Soldierboy 33 2, Nick Stackpole (Auckland) Delta Duet and Iain Alexander (Thames) Mr Dee 33.1 =3, Anna Schroeder (Rolleston) Waipuna Jack 33.3 5, Leisa Keightley (Tuakau) Black Attire 33.8 6.

Taupo Veterinary Centre CCN105-L Open (end of dressage): Jessica Woods (Ohaupo) Kings Soleil 30.6 1, Cassie Hodder (Te Awamutu) Schiavo 31.6 2, Ashleigh Butler (Waipu) Unda No Allusion 33.2 3, Amber Scott (Kerikeri) Absolou 33.5 4, Codie White (Taupiri) Kabo Shadow 34.2 5, Rene Ryall (Clevedon) Regal Riems and Tayla Moss (Auckland) King Oath 34.4 =6.


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