Conference June 2019

The 2019 Dressage AGM, Conference & Awards Dinner followed by Committee meeting will be held at the Sudima Hotel, Auckland Airport 29/30 June, hosted jointly by Dressage Waitemata and Dressage Auckland-Manukau.  It promises to be a great weekend.

Nominations are invited for elected positions. Expressions of Interest are invited 
for appointed positions and may be accompanied by a letter of support from area groups

Board Chair:  For a  three-year term
Committee Member Appointment Panel: For a further one-year term

Appointments (by appointment panel)
Technical Officer (Board): For a three-year term
Judges Sub-Committee 1 appointed member for a three-year term

Board Appointments
Dressage Steward General (Jane Robertson retiring in 2019)
NI & SI ESNZ Equestrian Centre Committee Representatives ( 1 for each NEC)

Nomination Form Chair 

Nomination Form Member Appt Panel

EOI Form