Stacey and the FMG team

FMG’s Equine Consultants know what they’re talking about when giving clients advice. All are horsey to some extent—riders, competitors or previously involved in the industry in some way.

The company who has been involved with equestrian for many years and are current sponsors of the FMG Young Rider Series, is New Zealand’s leading rural insurer, providing advice and insurance to over 85,000 people across 30 offices nationwide. As a mutual, all profits go straight back into the business.

Insurance Consultant Team Leader, Stacey de Vorms, says having people who know an industry so well makes it all so much easier for everyone. FMG has been involved in equine insurance for the past seven years and on the back of their stellar reputation for rural insurance, have become a popular go-to for New Zealand equestrians.

“Our team are passionate about horses and certainly in the equestrian world we are well known for fair cover, a good claims process and knowledgeable people on the end of the phone. Our consultants know the industry and it’s hugely helpful for our clients that they speak the same language.”

The company offers four options—the Horse Plus that covers animals from 24 hours to 16 years of age, the Horse Deluxe for those aged 3 to 10 years, the Horse Primary for those aged 1 to 16 years and a fourth option covering external accident only for those aged between 1 and 18.

“We focus a lot on risk management and making sure people know what they’re getting into and finding the right fit for each client,” says Stacey. That could be when buying a new horse and ensuring you know the horse’s history and get a vet check. “We understand our clients and the risks they face, whether you are on a farm, lifestyle block or in town.”

For FMG, a 100% New Zealand owned company that was started in 1905 by farmers for farmers, it’s all about the client. “We are in it for our clients and aim to offer world class service for them. What truly sets us apart is that we genuinely believe in the service we provide and the advice we give.”


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