It is with great regret that we need to inform you that the Nelson Endurance Club is unable to proceed with hosting the  South Island Endurance and CTR Championships. The event is scheduled to run on over the weekend of the 1st – 3rd of March. This decision has not been made lightly and is due to the horrific fires and drought conditions currently occurring in the Nelson Region, it has been deemed unsafe to progress within running this competition.

We sincerely hope that all those in the region, as well as family and friends are safe. In order for this event to continue it will need to be relocated to a different region.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Nelson Endurance Club’s organising committee for the hard work they have already committed to the event and wish you all well at this stressful time. A new organising committee has been appointed and the event will continue to go ahead over the same weekend.

 There are currently discussions as to the most appropriate location for this event to be held. At this stage the track will be provided by the Mackenzie Endurance and CTR Club within the Mackenzie region. The longest distance offered at this event will remain to be the 120km FEI 2* event. The new OC will continue to work with the previous OC in order to pass over all appropriate information. While the new OC have made contact with all those possible that are involved with the event, the OC are aware that there may be some individuals involved that have not yet been informed. They would like to apologise for this, however given the circumstances do believe it is of utmost importance to get the correct information communicated.

We would like to wish the new OC well in hosting the event and sincerely thank them for their timely response in agreeing to organise this event. Further information around entries, classes, venue details and the likes will be released over the next few days. Should you have any further questions at all, please direct these to the president of the OC, Ursula Keenan ([email protected]) or 021 062 8928. When contacting Ursula, please be mindful of the large amount of coordinating and work that needs to be achieved in order to execute this event.

Yours Sincerely

ESNZ Endurance Board