ESNZ Eventing is seeking expressions of interest from combinations wishing to be considered for the New Zealand Senior and Young Rider Oceania teams. The 2019 Senior and Young Rider Oceania Teams Championship is taking place this year at the national three day event in Taupo, 10-12 May.

The Oceania competition will be comprised of three teams, two Senior teams (Green and Gold for Australia and Black and White for New Zealand) and one Young Rider team. The Teams event will be run concurrently with the Taupo Championship Individual Competitions on separate consecutive days in the CCI3*-L format for Young Riders and CCI4*-L format for Seniors, with an additional round of Show-Jumping to determine Team placings.

The championship will be run in a similar format and in general according to the procedures as set out in the FEI Rules for Olympic Games, but because the competition is being run in a standard competition format, as well as in a team format, some changes to the rules may be require/agreed by the Federation or the Ground Jury.  Below is guideline of how the Oceania competition will run (though this could be subject to change):

  • Each team will consist of four competitors, though only three nominated team members (including a substituted combination, if any) will make up the team score
  • Each team member will also be competing in the individual competition.
  • Three of these team members will be declared as the initial team to start following the first trot-up and the fourth team member will compete as an individual throughout the competition until (and if) such time as they are substituted into the team during the competition.
  • The following penalties will be allocated for the non-start or non completion of any test for any reason:
    • Dressage: 100
    • Cross Country: 200
    • Jumping: 100
  • A combination may be substituted by a reserve combination for medical/vet reasons in any of the three tests after the start of the competition, incurring a penalty of 20 points (in addition to any penalty points incurred above).  For the purpose of the Team Competition (only), that substituted combination would inherit the score of the combination they are being substituted for.

Expressions of interest are required by Monday 18 February 2019 and are to be submitted on the application form

The Eventing Selectors will be taking into account a wide range of factors, including the competition performance record of the rider and the horse as a combination from 1 November 2017 with particular emphasis being placed on recent performances at FEI events. 

A long-list for these teams may be named prior to final selection. Dates for these will be communicated in due course. Long-listed Combinations may be required to attend prescribed competitions and/or camps as part of their final preparation or for selection purposes.


Please forward your completed application in electronic format to the Sport Manager, Eliza Johns, [email protected] by Monday 18 February 2019.

Riders are asked to read to the Selection Criteria before making an application.

Selection Criteria

Senior Rider Application Form

Young Rider Application Form