The FEI Endurance Temporary Committee met at end of year 2018 to discuss and review the Endurance rules in order to address the issues currently affecting the discipline

One of the topics discussed was to update the maximum heart rate and presentation time as this is considered to have a direct link to horse welfare:

Before any rule changes are put in place the FEI Committee is undertaking a trial of the proposed changes during the period 1st February to 1st April 2019. 

This trial period includes our North and South Island Champs and the ESNZ Endurance Board have agreed that our two Island Champs be included in the trial.

This will only affect combinations competing in CEI and Combined CEI-CEN classes at the two events.  For those classes the heart rates and presentation times will be:

  •  Maximum Pulse at Vet Gates: 64 bpm in the first vet gate and 60 bpm for  the others within 20 minutes. 
  • At the Final Inspection, the Maximum Pulse shall be 60 bpm within 20 minutes.

For all other classes at the Island Champs the heart rates and presentation times  will remain as they currently are.

Full details on the meeting held by the FEI Endurance Temporary Committee are available here