This January will see a change in the way we name our Eventing classes in New Zealand. This change is to ensure we remain aligned with the FEI and how international events will be named.

The change to the international naming of classes was first proposed back in 2016 and was approved by the FEI in 2017 for implementation in 2019.

The biggest change for us here is that the Star system has been extended to accommodate the new 5* level (Badminton, Burghley, Adelaide etc formerly CCI4*) which means that all star levels move up.

The FEI has also included 1* level (105 XC height, 110 jumping height) this is being introduced in the national rules as CCN1*, replacing CNC105+, and is seen as a stepping stone between 105 and the new 2* (former 1* level)

ESNZ Eventing have produced a table to help clarify the old and new levels.

In addition, all classes will be designated CCN and either referred to as Short (-S) or Long (-L). Short being the most common format run most weekends during the Eventing season with classes formally designated CNC. Long format refers to events such as Puhinui International, the South Island 3 Day and the Taupo 3 Day. All FEI Classes will now be referred to as CCI – so it’s goodbye to our familiar CNC and CIC.

It is hoped that referring to the formats as Short or Long will make our sport easier for people outside the sport, and perhaps some of us as well, to understand.

Organising committees are encouraged to list former class levels in brackets on events schedules in Autumn 2019 to help minimise confusion at time of entering, if not included, these will be added when schedules are submitted for approval.

The updated ESNZ Eventing Rules, effective 1 January 2019, will be available prior to Christmas and will be published on the ESNZ website, Eventing 10 Min Box and shared on social media.

Any questions can be directed to Sport Manager Eliza Johns, Organising Committee Rep Jenny Draper or members of ESNZ Eventing Technical Advisory Group.



Class Level Summary Table

Updated Autumn 2019 Calendar with New Class Levels