Show Hunter is working to establish a pathway for training and progression of Show Hunter course designers and provides this update on progress:


A revised course design booklet is available on the website here


Marilyn Vincent, the author of this booklet will attend a ½ day clinic with Peter Holmes in January, and the course design booklet will be further updated.

It is intended to provide printed copies of the course design booklet during 2019.

Formal course design training is planned for 2019 winter months including workshops to get course designers started, as well as more advanced workshops for existing course designers.

Show Hunter are continuing to develop a pathway and resources for course designers and will provide further updates later this season.


Peter Holmes ½ day course design clinic: 

Peter Holmes is one of Canada’s most respected and sought-after course designers.  He will be holding a ½ day clinic for Show Hunter course designers on 9th January 2019. 

See flyer here for further information and contact Jo Craddock to register.