Jo Craddock and Jaimie Botha had the best mum and daughter mission at the Bay of Plenty Show Hunter Spring Championships in Rotorua at the weekend.

The Waimauku duo came home with fistfuls of ribbons and plenty of good memories. Jo and her 12-year-old chestnut mare Dawn bagged five wins and a second from their six starts, while Jaimie also did very well with her two – Minks and Splash Bandicoot.

For mum of three Jo and Dawn – the reigning amateur and open Show Hunter of the Year title holders – it was a perfect first outing. Jo may have had a busy winter volunteering on the Show Hunter Waitemata Committee and organizing an information day clinic to encourage new people into show hunter, but Dawn came out like a pro.

“She is a pretty special horse,” said Jo. “We have a really good relationship and are very connected. I know if we are well prepared at home, we should do well when we go out and that is what happened (at Rotorua).”

With most marks in the 80s, they also scored a whopping 91 in the NRM Open High Points Series 1.1m HOYQ.  Jo has her sights set on repeating her HOY success of last season but says she’ll be taking it one show at a time and just enjoy the process.

Jo and Jaimie took the double in the Jill Ullrich medal equitation class, sewing up both the horse and pony divisions.

It was Jaimie’s first event with two ponies and a show hunter debut for former eventer 14-year-old Splash Bandicoot. Jaime picked up two wins, three seconds, a third, and a fourth over her classes.

Show hunter is a challenge the family thrive on. “I love the challenge it presents – there is always so much to work on when you are schooling. You are always striving for perfection. That’s the real challenge and I enjoy that.”

But nothing is more special than the mum and daughter time they spend together.

“It is so special that Jaimie and I do this together,” said Jo. “I love it. It was the perfect start to the season for us. Bay of Plenty is a great show – it is held in a real park-like setting, the footing was superb, and the committee are a lovely bunch.”

Charelle Marshall designed both rings at the two day champs.


Results –


NRM Open High Points Series 1.1m HOYQ: Jo Craddock (Waimauku) Dawn 1, Anna Kincheff (Rotorua) Red Socks 2, Abby Robinson (Ohaupo) Hillman Hunter 3, Janet Eggleton (Whakatane) Zoombini 4, Ellie Holden (Auckland) Kiwi Tickle Me Elmo 5, Claudia Porter (Taupo) Galaxy Supernova 6.


GYRO Plastics Junior High Points Series 1m HOYQ: Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Craighaven Black Heart 1, Brianna Lette (Rotorua) Pintado Destinado 2, Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Sonny Bill 3, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoeshine Polish 4, Claudia Parker (Taupo) Galaxy Supernova 5, Hannah Watchorn (Rotorua) HE Zandalou 6.


The Ultimate Egg Co Amateur High Points Series 1m HOYQ: Jo Craddock (Waimauku) Dawn 1, Sharyn Goodwin (Hamilton) Showtym Duchess 2, Melanie Dudding (Tuakau) Country Vogue 3, Joan Couper (Rotorua) Sirocco Belladonna 4, Natalie Mist (Hamilton) Little Pedro 5, Poppy Gamble (Whakatane) U Honey and Vicki Knight (Whakatane) Celtic Rose =6.


ESNZ Junior Equitation Series 1m: Claudia Porter (Taupo) Galaxy Supernova 1, Meihaka Hirst (Levin) Christopher’s Lady 2, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoeshine Polish 3, Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Sonny Bill 4, Samantha Wells (Hamilton) Propaganda 5, Brianna Lette (Rotorua) Pintado Destinado 6.


ESNZ Pony Equitation Series 80cm: Stephanie Schweizer (Rotorua) Kaimai Hippy Chick 1, Maddi Davidson (Te Awamutu) Starlight Indrani 2, Jessica Blackburn (Rotorua) Paradise Pride 3, Jaimie Botha (Waimauku) Splash Bandicoot 4, Sophie Gallon (Rotorua) Pure Platinum 5, Brooke Bennett (Te Awamutu) Tirohanga Touch Wood 6.


ESNZ Adult Equitation Series 1m: Melanie Dudding (Tuakau) Country Vogue 1, Jo Craddock (Waimauku) Dawn 2, Abby Robinson (Ohaupo) Lost in Translation 3, Vicki Knight (Whakatane) Celtic Rose 4, Jodie Hurley (Tauranga) Briggs 5.


Cartown Cat A Pony High Points Series 70cm HOYQ: Emma Bates (Rotorua) My Gemma Bear 1, Danielle Duncan (Hamilton) Rhythm n Gold 2, Alisha MacFarlane (Cambridge) Starlight Samara 3, Francesca Bishell (Auckland) Apatchy of Kitford 4, Layla Morgan (Cambridge) Spots Galore 5, Jaimie Botha (Waimauku) Minks 6.


Burger King Cat B High Points Series 80cm HOYQ: Hannah McConnell (Tauranga) Billy Blunt 1, Stephanie Schweizer (Rotorua) Where There’s a Will 2, Stacey Brown (Pukekawa) Windara Kelly 3, Maggie Brownfield (Auckland) Mr Saxobeat 4, Georgie Wilson (Taupo) Summer Fiesta 5, Grace Prendergast (Matamata) Galaxy Royal Edition 6.


Aniwell Cat C Pony High Points Series 90cm HOYQ: Charlotte Schweizer (Rotorua) Kaimai Upstart 1, Victoria Mitchell (Kumeu) Nickelodeon 2, Brianna Lette (Rotorua) My Duplicate 3, Victoria Williams (Rotorua) Ridgewood Oddfellow 4, James Steiner (Tauranga) Little Miss Vanilla Twist 5, Brianna Shaw (Tauranga) My Secret Sam 6.


Chookys Auto Waikato/BOP 12-years and under Equitation Mini Series: Jaimie Botha (Waimauku) Minks 1, Danielle Duncan (Hamilton) Rhythm n Gold 2, Wiremu Priest (Rotorua) Freestyle Aurora 3, Charlotte Schweizer (Rotorua) Kaimai Upstart 4, James Steiner (Tauranga) Little Miss Vanilla Twist 5, Emma Bates (Rotorua) My Gemma Bear 6.


By Diana Dobson

October 23, 2018