It has rained steadily all night and all day . . . but today’s weather hasn’t stopped the eventing second horse inspection going ahead nor the jumpers having a bit of light schooling.

All the jumping horses are in the house and excitement is building in that camp. Sharn Wordley’s Casper was almost delivered to a private home instead of the TIEC but thankfully that was quickly sorted. Turns out the Aussies were driving the truck and blamed the GPS signal dropping out. Casper’s groom Bryn quickly put them right and got things back on track. It’s probably fitting that Bryn is the first of our grooms to check into her accommodation to find hot water running and no problems to report … yet.

There have been a lot of smaller emergency vehicles around back and forth during the day but I am not sure they actually had to attend anything dire!

The barns are holding up well in the rain – no reports of leaks there and the arenas are also coping. It seems it is the walkways between are where you need to break out your swimming goggles.

Tomorrow is the eventing showjumping. It kicks off at 10am (EST) and runs in reverse order. The rest day today, pushing the jumping out until tomorrow meant logistics guru Warrick Allan had to rebook riders’ flights but the horses still leave on Tuesday as planned.

Tomorrow is also the horse inspection for jumping and that gets underway at 1pm (EST).

That’s about it for the night. We’ll bring you lots of exciting news from WEG tomorrow.

By Diana Dobson, NZ team media liaison