Today was a reminder of the highs and lows equestrian sport can dish out. Our four jumpers did us all so proud over a true championship course designed by the very clever Alan Wade. Sam McIntosh and Daniel Meech are both through to the second round tomorrow where no doubt everything will go up another notch. Unfortunately Sharn Wordley and Bruce Goodin didn’t make it through and the team failed to feature in the call-back of the top 10.

As tough as today was for so many, with 60 of the 119 coming home with double digit penalties and others not even making it around, tomorrow will dawn with a whole new set of challenges.

The crowds are certainly building for the jumping with plenty of flags, cheering and foot stomping as new-found and well-established favourites find form.

The weather is gorgeous, albeit maybe a little too toasty for riders all decked out in jackets and ties, horses trying their hearts out over fences up to 1.65m high and with spreads of up to 1.9m, spectators without even a slither of shade and – not to be forgotten – photographers who tell me they are like over-baked potatoes that have been left in the steamer.

So that’s about us for tonight. We’re all looking forward to tomorrow with relish. #gothekiwis

By Diana Dobson, NZ team media liaison

Photography by Libby Law Photography