Canterbury have had a super start to the regular season, kicking off the first of the South Islands competitions with a great turn out and some pretty good weather!  A quick rethink was required when the McLeans Island track that we have been trying so hard to make work was partly closed due to logging.  Thankfully long-time club members, Marc and Dee Swain came to the rescue with a new track! 
Held on Saturday the Endurance Competitors enjoyed almost perfect footing with a flowing flat course offering the 16 competitors a good start to their seasons. 
Sunday rolled around with a frosty start but clear sky’s for the 39 CTR Competitors to enjoy there day.  With the successful Winter Series again introducing some new competitors to our sport, the numbers in the 5, 12 and 20km classes lead to some hot competition!                             
Like most clubs we are now flat out planning the rest of the season’s competitions, it’s so lovely to see so many people enjoying our sport and we look forward to seeing the bustling numbers continue.