Three young dressage riders who were selected for the 2017/18 Dressage NZ talent ID squad have been awarded Pryde’s EasiFeed scholarships for their commitment and results during the season

The riders all attended the Dressage NZ Awards Dinner to receive their prizes from Pryde’s EasiFeed SI rep Jonathan McNeil 

L  to R
Jonathan McNeil
Alyssa Harrison (Auckland)
Georgia Gibbons (Waitemata)
Millie Thompson (Canterbury)

Pryde’s EasiFeed  proudly sponsored the Dressage NZ talent ID squad 2017/2018.  The sponsorship has involved 3 scholarships being awarded including feed, ongoing nutritional support, lessons with top sponsored riders and a show rug to adorn their horse and recognise their achievement.  

The scholarships have been awarded to those that have shown excellent results throughout the season, good horsemanship and strong ambassadorship of the Pryde’s EasiFeed brand through a feed purchase incentive scheme via stores which all riders embraced.

This squad was made up of 20 North Island Riders and 10 South Island Riders.  Pryde’s EasiFeed have some very accomplished riders on their overall sponsored rider team – some of international standard, and it is a pleasure to be able to support young riders coming through the ranks that wish to pursue their competitive dressage interests.

Pryde’s EasiFeed has a big focus on education and deemed it very important for young riders to understand the importance of quality nutrition for their horse’s optimum performance.   The young rider TID squad have all seen great results from using Pryde’s EasiFeed and with full nutritional support from the north and south island reps, have developed sound nutritional systems for going forward.

Pryde’s EasiFeed once again recognises and congratulates all the riders for their efforts throughout the season and welcomes them to keep asking nutritional questions and looks forward to continuing working with them each individually through their riding career with their feed regimes.