With only a couple of months to go before WEG 2018 the fundraising efforts are in full swing for our endurance combinations.  Raffles and auctions are underway for both Jenny Champion and Barack Obama, and for Phillip Graham and Rosewood Bashir, otherwise known as Benny.  Check the ‘Get Jenny and Barack to WEG 2018 and the Benny’s road to WEG Facebook pages.

There is also a Givealittle page for both Jenny and Phillip. 
Givealittle for Jenny  
Givealittle for Philip

To take a horse to the US for an event of this stature is a major undertaking, involving quarantines and a great deal of organisation.  For both combinations this campaign is completely self-funded, with generous support from individuals and sponsors.

Jenny and Barack have been working in conjunction with PGG Wrightson Masterton and other local sponsors, alongside a Givealittle set up for the purpose.  This pair has achieved a lot in the four years since they have been teamed up, with several national titles to their name and a consistency of results that has seen them being a sure selection for WEG 2018.  This is Jenny’s first trip to WEG and she has well and truly earned her place.  Wairarapa Endurance Club have been active in helping with auctions to raise money for their team.

Phillip and Benny have shown remarkable consistency as a partnership.  This is Phillip’s second World Equestrian Games, having competed at Aachen, Germany is 2006 with Wolfgang Amadeus, who is still competing endurance with Phillip at the age of 23, having successfully completed over 7000 km of competitive distance.  This time around he has again earned a place for WEG selection having brought another impressive horse up through the ranks and collecting national titles along the way.  Both Canterbury Endurance Club and Mt Nimrod club have been active in fundraising for this pair.  Sponsors supporting Phillip and Benny in their fundraising efforts include Gallagher NZ Animal Management Systems, NZ Horse and Pony magazine and Fourflax, trading as Provida.  Check the Mt Nimrod facebook page to buy tickets in this fundraising raffle. The club have also supported Jenny and Barack, and also Australian rider Naomi O’Shaughnessy and her horse Castlebar Party Girl, who have been competing in New Zealand this season in the lead up to WEG selection.