Ahead of Luhmühlen Horse Trials here’s an insight into Maggie May, Jonelle Price’s ride.

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Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) was bred to be a dressage horse but when she learned her fate in life was to turn endless circles and never to go galloping cross country she turned into a rebel. This resulted in her being a curious character mix as she is an utter princess and a terrible snob who is proud of her family seat being Brockenhurst Park but is also a total non-conformist!

Maggie May is a delight on the ground and has perfect manners.  When ridden in a dressage saddle, etiquette goes out the window and she is also a notorious bigot and will cross the arena to double barrel a cob or a pony she dislikes.  She is small, feisty and funny and simply loves to jump and gallop and despite being barely 15.3 and a bit she would jump round a 5 star if there was such a thing. 

She also has a massive problem with travel.  She considers herself a supermodel, abhors the trailer trash and has never deigned to go up the ramp of a float.  She detests the little two horse vans and will kick her way into the cab if she feels the need.  She tolerates the big six horse trucks with different demands that increase with age.  This year she insisted on taking her pony friend, aptly named Queenie, all the way to Luhmühlen (2000kms round trip) simply because she doesn’t like travelling alone.  The trouble started in Rio …. she got to fly and she simply cannot understand why she has to travel by road anymore!

Story by Jacky Green

Faerie Dianimo is owned by Trisha Rickards, Jacky Green and Jonelle Price