By Devon van Til 

Dunstan Horsefeeds have gone above and beyond to support New Zealand from start to finish in the manufacturing and marketing of high quality equine feed supplements. Their support of the equine world is widespread from breeding to racing to sport horses and beyond.  

Dunstan Horsefeeds are Kiwi through and through. A New Zealand owned and operated company; their specialised equine feed manufacturing plants are based in Waikato. The plants are totally equine safe, using only top-quality ingredients to produce horse feeds specifically for New Zealand horses living and competing under New Zealand conditions. What’s more, their feeds contain grains sourced from the New Zealand arable sector.

The entire Dunstan equine feed range is stocked throughout all New Zealand’s leading Rural Retailers from Northland to Southland and everywhere in between. Dunstan can also arrange a customised service of delivering fresh Dunstan feeds directly to your property, charged through the retailer of your choice.

The Dunstan team are well equipped to help you get the very best out of your equine feed by customising your feeding programme to best suit your horse’s activity levels and condition. The Dunstan team have an absolute passion for, and a total focus on equine health and wellbeing.

Equine Nutritionist, Gretel Webber has 20 years of experience in the horsefeed industry as well as a large amount of practical horse husbandry knowledge, while nutrition specialists Zoie Gray and Sarah Swarbrick also bring with them extensive backgrounds in showjumping eventing and dressage.

Dunstan have an expansive product range to suit the needs of all equine’s, at every point in their life from young horses growing up, horses in their golden years with their new product “Old Horse”.

Dunstan Old Horse is purposely formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the old horse. As a horse ages its digestive system wears, so a highly digestible feed is required. Dunstan Old Horse contains ingredients that can help support digestive function and the natural reduction in efficiencies will assist in maintaining the good health of your loyal equine companion.

Dunstan is also committed to giving back to the sport of Jumping from grass roots right through to top level competition. This season Dunstan Horsefeeds in conjunction with EQUIFIBRE sponsored three national series, the Horse Grand Prix Series, Pro Amateur Rider Series and Junior Rider Series.

The partnership between ESNZ Jumping’s national series and Dunstan is a natural fit considering Dunstan’s equine feeds are expertly crafted for New Zealand equines, by New Zealanders. 

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