Equissage consultant Kylie James is passionate about her work with horses and hounds, and is looking forward to showcasing the best of products to clients at the NRM3DE this week.

Equissage are sponsors of the National Young Event Horse Championship. It is the second year they have been involved with sponsorship at the national champs, where they will also have sponsored riders competing.

“It’s always great to catch up with our riders and see them go,” says James, who is a successful breeder and competitor of Welsh ponies. “Shows are important to us at Equissage – we do all the big shows in New Zealand to support our clients who use our products.”

Equissage are world leaders with their innovative equine therapy system. It was actually initially developed for humans in 1949 but is now used extensively by people from across the equine disciplines and for dogs as well.

“I see a lot of greyhounds and agility dogs as well as all sorts of horses, from racing to eventing, showjumping and dressage,” says James. “Accell and Equissage CVT – cycloid vibration therapy – devices have been medically proven to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is a safe, non-agressive, non-invasive way to improve the health and performance of horses and dogs.”

And she says the animals love it.

“They really do respond to it. It can be used for performance, maintenance and rehabilitation.”

James is looking forward to getting out and about with current clients at NRM3DE but also showcasing her products to potential new clients.”

Equissage are also sponsors of the Pro Am Rider Series, which will culminate at the national championships. Leading the charge – and unable to be caught – is Louise Mullholland aboard Mr McTaggart who is competing in the Bates CCI2*.

For more information, head to www.equissage.co.nz .