NRM sponsored rider Amanda Pottinger and Just Kidding after their win in the CCI3* Championship in 2016. Photo by Take the Moment.

The team at NRM always look forward to being part of the “last hurrah” for the eventing season at the eponymous National Three Day Event Championships.

Nutrition brand manager Katie Vickers says the best part of the event is getting out amongst their customers – they’re happy to give advice, weigh horses, talk nutrition and more.

“The weigh station is great for our customers because it is a way to ensure the horse is getting the best it needs to out of the feed, as well as the right food for its discipline and lifestyle,” Katie says. “People are sometimes quite surprised. There is definitely a lot of value in us doing this and customers do enjoy it.”

Those who weigh their horses at the championships this year and sign up for a free on-farm consultation with one of NRM’s nutrition experts will also get a free bag of feed.

“We often don’t have time for an in-depth conversation at events but if we get onto the farm we can have a good chat about things and look at all their stock to make sure the right feed is being used.”

The weigh station will be at the NRM tent on Thursday from 8am until 12 noon.

“There are so many highlights for us at the champs,” says Katie. “One that comes to mind is our sponsored rider Amanda Pottinger riding Just Kidding to victory in the NRM CCI3* Championship. She is a great brand ambassador for us and it was a very special win.”

NRM has been naming-right sponsors of the championships since 2011 and involved with the wider world of equestrian for decades. NRM feeds are scientifically formulated for the dairy, calf, equine and lifestyle industries. The latest equine product is NRM Ultimate Sport, which was launched for the sport horse market in October and has quickly gained traction. Olympian Jock Paget is one who has given the new product the thumbs up, saying it absolutely helps his horses during intense stages of preparation and competition. Ultimate Sport is a semi-concentrated, premium feed that contains highly-digestible slow-release super fibres.

“I think one of the most important facets of our business is that we not only sell the feed but we provide expert advice to go with it,” says Katie. “That is key for our clients and something we never take for granted.”


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