Here are some quirky little facts to contemplate about our NRM CCI3* entrants at the NRM National Three Day Event Championships next month.


The 2017 victors Emily Cammock and Shaw Lee are back for another crack but let’s break the field down even more. So of the 19 entries on the card, five are having their very first CCI3* start, six have had one completion and three apiece have had two and three completions. One combination also has two 4* completions to their credit.


But maybe it is in the height? There’s one horse at 154cms high and one at 170cms. It seems 165cms is the most popular height, with six topping the tape here.


Ten, 11 and 12 are the most popular ages, with four apiece, with two at nine, one at 15 and one at 16.


Perhaps unsurprisingly 11 of the field are bay, three each are dark bay, two are chestnut and grey, with just one described as brown.


Eleven of the field are thoroughbreds, with crossbreeds the next popular choice, followed by New Zealand sport horses, unknown and New Zealand warmblood. Fourteen of the field were bred in New Zealand.


We’ll be taking another look at how the class pans out and doing another comparison after the event, so stay tuned.