The FEI has imposed an administrative sanction following a positive blood test result for a controlled medication in November 2017.  Biarritz was blood tested following his win in the FEI CSI-W (World Cup) class at Mystery Creek.  A fine has been imposed by the FEI and the prizemoney and points from the class will be reallocated by ESNZ.  ESNZ is satisfied that the matter has been dealt with by the FEI and will be taking no further action.

The FEI and ESNZ have been advised that experienced equine veterinarian Dr Leigh De Clifford treated Biarritz with the routine controlled medication 16 days prior to the event.  The medication has a stated detection time of seven days.  The timeframe was more than doubled (16 days) between treatment and the event.  It was not anticipated that the horse could still have a trace level of the medication in his blood at the time of the event.