Horse of the Year 2018, Hawke’s Bay A&P Showgrounds – March 14, 2018. Credit: KAMPIC / Sarah Lord

Congratulations to Aniwell Category C show hunter rider Maddie Wiffen from Wellington who was this year’s deserving recipient of the Aniwell Sportsmanship award, presented on Series Finals day at Horse of the Year.

The award is for pony riders that display an overall willingness to help, politeness to ground helpers, volunteers, administration and fellow competitors. This includes setting a good example with nice manners, acts of kindness and good horsemanship. 

Wiffin exemplified these qualities of good sportsmanship by being helpful in the rings, sitting with course designer Gail Goodwin most days and helping change both the hack and pony courses every day. She did so with a smile on her face and a great attitude. 

Aniwell have been a long supporter of show hunter  as sponsor of the Category C Series and always keen to acknowledge and encourage all those pony riders – week in, week out, helping in the ring, being cheery and enjoying the sport they love. 

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