Maurice Beatson rides Mandalay Cove. Credit: KAMPIC / Hanna Spaak

By Diana Dobson

It’s been a while between drinks but finally Maurice Beatson notched his first Grand Prix win of the season.

The Olympian and multi winner of all of New Zealand’s top jumping crowns steered Mandalay Cove to victory in the Dunstan Horsefeeds & EquiFibre Horse Grand Prix at the Taranaki Equestrian Jumping Show in Hawera.

Twenty-six started the hotly-contested class, with 10 combinations on four faults or less coming back. Four of those were all clear – Beatson (Dannevirke), Robert Steele (Dannevirke) on LT Holst Bernadette, Claudia Hay (Tokoroa) on Euro Sports Centavos and Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) on LT Holst Andrea.

Beatson was the last to go in the jump-off. Ahead of him Steele, Hay and Edgecombe had all kept their slates clear, with Steele’s 46.73 second the time to beat.

Lily Tootill (Karaka) and Ulysses NZPH had carried four into the jump-off but notched a super slick clear with their 42.29 second effort.

However, it was up to Beatson to leave everything up and go that smidgen faster. Those on the sidelines called it a “masterclass in showjumping”. Beatson was home in 44.77 seconds to take the victory.

“It has been a while, but that is the way it goes in this sport,” he says. “We’ve picked up a few seconds along the way. You could say I am just picking the right time of the season to peak though. It was a big field and a good class . . . I just moved along a bit quicker than the others.”

Beatson says 10-year-old Mandalay Cove is reasonably straight forward ride. He’s done World Cups this year and will start in the big ones at the Horse of the Year Show along with his younger horses Gold Locks and Argio.

In the Country TV Pony Grand Prix the day belonged to Sarah West (Matamata) and Miss Mae West.

Five of the 15 starters came through to the jump-off where West and Breanna Young (Hamilton) aboard Delvay Pegasus stayed all clear. However, West’s 50.67 second time was just that fraction better than Young’s 52.62. Isabella Hibell (New Plymouth) filled third spot aboard Pioneer Jade after picking up four faults in the jump off in 44.02 seconds.

Parys Marshall (Taranaki) and Spot You Later were the fastest in the jump-off but paid for their 42.93 second round with eight faults, relegating them to fourth place.

The three day show was held at the Egmont A & P Showgrounds in Hawera, with Philippa Howells designing the courses in the main arena. The event attracted 400 horses from all over the country.


RESULTS – Showjumping: 

Dunstan Horsefeeds & EquiFibre Horse Grand Prix: Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Mandalay Cove 1, Robert Steele (Dannevirke) LT Holst Bernadette 2, Claudia Hay (Tokoroa) Euro Sport Centavos 3, Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 4, Lily Tootill (Karaka) Ulysses NZPH 5, Annabel Francis (Darfield) La Quinara 6.

Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Sarah West (Matamata) Miss Mae West 1, Breanna Young (Hamilton) Delvay Pegasus 2, Isabella Hibell (New Plymouth) Pioneer Jade 3, Parys Marshall (Taranaki) Spot You Later 4, Nayton Mitchell (Otaki) Chocolate Sucre 5, Amy Gibbs (Marlborough) Kennebrook Duchess 6.

FMG Young Rider Series: Lily Tootill (Karaka) Ulysses NZPH 1, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Letano 2, Annabel Francis (Darfield) La Quinara 3, Ike Baker (Pauatahnui) Hawkesdale Mahe 4, Laura Hilhorst (Pukeatua) LC Underberg 5, Alyvia James (Cambridge) SK Halo 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds & EquiFibre Junior Rider Series: Annabel Francis (Darfield) Catapult Xtreme 1, Kaitlyn Freeman (Otaki) Landisohn 2, Olivia Dalton (Karaka) Master of Hossack 3, Blake Davis (Palmerston North) 4, Anneke van Rooyen (Taumarunui) Old King Cole 5, Sarah West (Matamata) Erl Grey II 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds & EquiFibre Pro-Am Rider Series: Emma Gaze (Cambridge) Woodland Bug 1, Emma Gaze (Cambridge) Kowhai Bug 2, Emily Fraser (Bulls) Kiwi Sunray 3, Vicki Ridley (Waiuku) Mosaic II 4, Sally Clark (Dannevirke) Victoria’s Secret 5, Kimberley Mason (New Plymouth) Damiana 6.

Caledonian Holdings Amateur Rider Series: Ashley Johnston (Wellington) Miss Vee NZPH 1, Paige Orlandini (Waiuku) Phoenician Gifted 2, Marcus Rose (Dannevirke) Kaipara Hold Up 3, Diana Cottle (Palmerston North) Morpheus Rising 4, Dana Sutton (Palmerston North) Down Wind 5, Jake Barham (Palmerston North) Atlan 6.

Purepine Shavings Seven-Year-Old Series: Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Watermill Glenneagle 1, Alannah Jackson (Cambridge) Capbella 2, Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Breeze On 3, Robert Steele (Dannevirke) Delta Blue 4, Daniel Webb (Hunterville) Cheyenne 5, Catherine Cameron (Cambridge) Charlton Bazaar 6.

Mitavite Six-Year-Old Series: Jaime Campbell (Cambridge) Lara CSNZ, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Park, Oliver Edgecombe (Waipukurau) Crescendo NZPH, Lucy Fell (Palmerston North) Big & Rich, Heloise Tolo (Ohariu Valley) Can’t Touch This NZPH and Tors Rattray (Mangatangi) Carnival NZPH =1.

East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Anna Trent (Otaki) Clearcut Xtreme and Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Interpol =1.

Area Teams’ Competition: Central and Southern Hawke’s Bay (Maurice Beatson on Gold Locks, Brooke Edgecombe on LT Holst Andrea and Robert Steele on LT Holst Bernadette) 1, Central Districts (Emily Fraser on Kiwi Sunray, Chloe Hansen on Letitbe GNZ and Stephen Nickalls on Letino) 2, Auckland (Olivia Dalton on Bling du Rouet, Elmo Jackson on Dr Feel Good and Alexa Randall on LC Tango) 3, Wellington (Ike Baker on Hawkesdale Mahe, Isabella Harvey on Brainy G and Heloise Tolo on Landsbury Grosve GNZ) 4.


RESULTS – Show Hunter

Gyro Plastics Junior High Points Series, 1m HOYQ: Nicholas O’Leary (Wanganui) Tauanui Helana 1, Sally Ward (Waipukurau) Paradox 2.

ESNZ Amateur High Points Series, 1m HOYQ: Laura Van Velthooven (Palmerston North) Sirocco Daisy 1, Hannah Johnson (Hawera) Bella Cavella 2, Laura Van Velthooven (Palmerston North) Montbelle Donahue 3, Carolyn Hinton (New Plymouth) Hi Ho Said Rolly 4, Sonya Glennie (Wanganui) Bravado II 5, Jade Zuppicich (Stratford) Moroccan Iced Angel 6.

ESNZ Junior Equitation Series, 1m HOYQ: Lara Williams (Stratford) So Bling 1, Nicholas O’Leary (Wanganui) Tauanui Helana 2.

ESNZ Adult Equitation Series, 1m HOYQ: Laura Van Velthooven (Palmerston North) Sirocco Daisy 1, Sonya Glennie (Wanganui) Bravado II 2, Kate Ward (Waipukurau) Thornfield Athenry 3, Jade Zuppicich (Stratford) Moroccan Ice Angel 4.

NRM Horse High Points Series, 1.1m HOYQ: Laura Van Velthooven (Palmerston North) Sirocco Daisy 1, Sally Ward (Waipukurau) Paradox 2, Kate Ward (Waipukurau) Thornfield Athenry 3.

ESNZ Pony Rider Equitation Series, 80-cm HOYQ: Chantelle Smith (Palmerston North) Finch 1, Abe Baker (Pauatahanui) Tawa 2, Madison Smith (Cambridge) SK Neva 3, Isa Luxton-Symes (Manutahi) Mr Mika Choo 4, James Steiner (Tauranga) Little Miss Vanilla Twist 5, Ella Kingston (Wanganui) Miss Eve 6.

Aniwell Cat C Pony High Points Series, 90cm HOYQ: Chantelle Smith (Palmerston North) Finch 1, Abe Baker (Pauatahanui) Tawa 2, Sarah Bolton (New Plymouth) Rulz the Roost 3, Georgia Young (Te Pahu) Delvay Peter Pan 4, James Steiner (Tauranga) Little Miss Vanilla Twist 5.

Burger King Cat B Pony High Points Series, 80cm HOYQ: Isa Luxton-Symes (Manutahi) Mr Mika Choo 1, Emma McKelvie (Palmerston North) Blue Rose 2, Ella Kingston (Wanganui) Miss Eve 3.

ESNZ Cat A Pony High Points Series, 70cm HOYQ: Holly Parkin (Levin) Chelton Light Secret 1, Emma McKelvie (Palmerston North) Fordlands Lady Betty 2, Sarah Bolton (New Plymouth) Clearwater Love 3, Holly Cambie (New Plymouth) Glynmerlyn Magical Miss 4, Hannah Honeyfield (Patea) Sweet Melody 5.