Rule Change – Article 666 – Scoring (548) 

What rule will be changing? 

The ESNZ Eventing Rules, article 666 (Scoring) says -1.2: Falls- Fall of Athlete on XC Course – 65 penalties, Second fall – elimination. The ESNZ Eventing Board have resolved to change this rule to align with the FEI Eventing Rules at 1* level and above, effective 1 January 2018.

What is this rule changing to? 

At CNC1* level and above, a fall of the athlete on the XC course will result in elimination.

When will this new rule apply from? 


What about levels below 1*? 

This change of rule will not apply to athletes competing at levels below 1*. 

What rule will apply to levels below 1*? 

The current rule in article 666 will continue to apply 1.2: Falls – Fall of Athlete on XC Course – 65 penalties, Second fall – elimination.

Why is ESNZ allowing the rule for levels below 1* to stay?

ESNZ Eventing take injuries, particularly concussion injuries, very seriously. Riders who suffer a head knock should never continue. However, the board believes that the learnings to be had in the competition environment for the vast majority of riders who incur non-injury falls are so valuable that one fall is still allowed at these levels.

Competitors must never be pressured to remount and continue by parents or coaches.

Is ESNZ going to check on how this rule is working?

ESNZ Eventing is collating fall data at all levels via Fall Reports submitted by the Organising Committee following each event. This data is being monitored and if any information comes out of this process that suggests this rule should be reviewed, ESNZ Eventing will prioritise this.